Clash of Kings Fastest way to grow your castle in Clash of King. | Clash of Kings Castle Requirements 2020


Faster Way to grow Your Casstle


Fist you need to grow your castle fast Complete Daily events.Event is a great thing to grow your Castle  fast and fast.You can check the today event go to the event centre. Now you can see the Events.You can click on the events you want to complete. Now you can see  event description How to complete events.

Second thing to go to the daily events now here is many events.You complete  every event you can get the resources to 5 million. In this event Centre the resources depend upon your castle level.You can force to the completing the lord quest that is a great opportunity to growth your castle will fast because you can get a lot of resources through this.

Introduction to Alliance Treasure

You are allowed to dig up the Alliance Treasure when your Castle reaches level 10. You will obtain resources by digging up the treasure and helping your alliance members to dig up treasure. You cannot dig up the Alliance Treasure within 24 hours after quitting an alliance.

Alliance Treasure quality

Alliance Treasure is divided into five qualities: Green, Blue, Purple, Orange and Gold
From highest to lowest: Gold>Orange>Purple>Blue>Green
You will obtain more resources from higher quality treasure.

Dig up the treasure

If you have a level 10 or higher Castle, you can dig up the treasure. You can only get the rewards once your Alliance members have helped you, or your treasures will disappear without any rewards.

Free Digging

You can only excavate one treasure at a time. You can use gold to get more queues.
Help excavate treasure
If you have a Castle level 10 or higher, you can help an alliance member excavate his treasure. You will get a reward as well when the time is up. Note: You will get more rewards with higher quality treasure. However, you can only help one of Alliance member at a time.

Refresh Alliance Treasure

Auto Refresh: The system will refresh the Alliance Treasure automatically every hour.
Manually refresh: Refresh the Alliance Treasure by yourself, you can do it twice for free every day.

Alliance Donation and Science

You can donate to different Alliance Science after join an alliance

Alliance members will get Alliance Honor while the Alliance gets Alliance Points

The donation will produce a CD time, when it reaches 4h, you can_t donation until the CD time is over

After the donation is completed, rank4 and rank5 members can start to research science

All alliance members will get science bonus when a science research is  completed.

One Alliance science can only be researched at a time

More advanced science will be unlocked after researching a certain amount of science in each layer.

How to player God's Favour

It is said that the God of Luck can help and realize the wishes of the people who are devout and cherish friendship.

When the God of Luck comes, you can make a wish for what you want and sign-in to pray, then you might get a huge number of rewards. Invite friends to help you win more rewards.


Wish for the items you want. After making a wish, you'll enter the event time which lasts for 7 days.

pray:

You can unlock and get a random lucky number each time when you sign in. Cumulatively sign-in 5 days to unlock the fifth digit. The bigger the number, the more the final rewards will be.

Complementary Card:

After purchasing it, you can sign-in for a missing day. You can purchase at most 3 cards during the event. (Each card will only take effect on the day you purchase it. Complementary Card cannot be stored into the next term of the event)


1. Blessing opens after cumulatively sign in 5 days or sign in on the 7th day of the event.
2. After every friend you invited helps you, you can get 1 blessing chance (Up to 5 friends). The more allies you invite, the more extra rewards you can get.
3. Each blessing can increase your random digit by a random number. Blessing cannot increase your lucky number when all your numbers on all digits are 9. (the max number is 99999)

Goddess' blessing:

Purchase to get 3 blessing times, and your rewards will be doubled when the event ends (this effect will only take effect in 1 term of event).

Coming Favour:

On the 7th day of the event, the number of items you can get is the final number on the cards. If you purchased Goddess' blessing, your rewards will be doubled.

The Goddess has arrived, wish and invite your allies to help you~


Hero Trials

New Hero Trials:

You get access to the Hero Trials through the Hero Palace. You can get hero items, including hero shards, hero EXP, hero recruitment cards and etc. Each map has 10 stages. Challenging the castles will get you rewards. You can continue to challenge after passing a stage. If you complete a map in one day, you will be automatically transferred to the next map the next day. Otherwise, you will stay in the map.

The bonus and marching size are related to the hero attributes, such as hero talent, hero skills and hero purification. Marching size depends on the total attribute of selected heroes. Every day, at most 5 heroes can be sent to the hero trial, and the selected ones can’t be changed after being selected that day.

Soldiers in the Hero Trial are virtual ones, and can’t be healed. Losses of them won’t affect your real power.

Killing more soldiers in the castle gains you more stars. You will be given a star when you get a certain amount of points. You are able to get a maximum of 3 stars in each stage. Stars can be used to open the chest. Chests will be reset every day.

Clash of Kings Castle Requirements 2020

CastleBuilding WallExtra BuildingFoodWoodIronMithrilTime
Castle Level 2Wall 1 --2.8002.800----4m
Castle Level 3Wall 2--3.3203.320----10m
Castle Level 4Wall 3 Sawmill 35.8802.880----40m
Castle Level 5Wall 4 Farm 49.8809.880----1h40m
Castle Level 6Wall 5 Depot 516.93416.934----1hr 20m
Castle Level 7Wall 6 --32.17232.172----2hr 40m
Castle Level 8Wall 7 Collage 764.35064.350----6hr 16m
Castle Level 9Wall 8 Millitary Tent 8128.7.1128.7----10hr 2m
Castle Level 10Wall 9 Depot 9193.050192.050----14hr
Castle Level 11Wall 10Hospital 10400.404400.40438.133--16hr 47m
Castle Level 12Wall 11 --800.808800.80876.27--20hr 14m
Castle Level 13Wall 12 --1.5M1.5M144K--1d 6hr
Castle Level 14Wall 13 Range 132.7M2.7M260K--1d 23hr 43m
Castle Level 15Wall 14 Fortress 144.1M4.1M391K32K1d 14hr 22m
Castle Level 16Wall 15 Mithril Mine 155.4M5.4M518K45K1d 8hr 10m
Castle Level 17Wall 16 Iron Mine 167.6M7.4726K59K2d 8hr 10m
Castle Level 18Wall 17 --9.9M9.9M944K76K3d 12hr
Castle Level 19Wall 18 Embassy 1812.8M12.8M1.2M99K4d 6hr 34m
Castle Level 20Wall 19 --16.7M16.7M1.5M129K5d 13hr 35m
Castle Level 21Wall 20 Sawmill 2021.7M21.72.0M168K7d 1hr 34m
Castle Level 22Wall 21 --28.3M28.3MRow:3.5M219K7d 15hr 58m
Castle Level 23Wall 22 Barracks 2236.8M36.8M4.5M219K8d 13hr 58m
Castle Level 24Wall 23 Stables 2347.8M47.8M5.9M284K10d 5hr 57m
Castle Level 25Wall 24 Collage 2462.2M62.2M7.7M370K11d 23hr 7m
Castle Level 26Wall 25 Embassy 2580.8M80.8M10M481K13days
Castle Level 27Wall 26 Depot 26105.1M105.1M13.0M625K15d 2hr 40m
Castle Level 28Wall 27 Barracks 27136.7M136.7M16.9M813K17d 2hr 1m
Castle Level 29Wall 28 Range 29177.7M177.7M169M1.0M20d 15hr 27m
Castle Level 30Wall 29 --231.03M231.03M22M13M***

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